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What ever happened to privacy?? In the age of Google, Twitter, Facebook, BBM, keeping your business to yourself a thing of the past?? Does everyone need to know who you are dating...what you are eating...where you are..who you are pissed at?? How can we build organic, genuine relationships with other people if we use technology to get to know them? Picture this, its meet someone you are attracted to, you exchange numbers, you talk on the phone, you go on dates, you slowly get to know one another and you allow that person to have time to show you who they are and reveal things about themselves to you at their own pace. Now fast forward to meet someone on Twitter, you follow them, you make assumptions about them based on their 'followers' and the random statements they make. You kind of like what they are talking about so you 'google' them...send them a DM and get on skype. Next thing you know you are texting and BBM'ing...then someone sends a picture..then another picture..and before you know it you are sexting and exchanging explicit photos ALL BEFORE YOU MET. the NEW dating experience.

I am thankful that I grew up with 'less' was for the best. A time when we passed notes in class, we wrote letters and REAL cards to loved ones, we left messages on answering machines and...GASP...waited for people to call us back when they became available! But now people expect us to be so available, accessible, and so transparent! Well not me! Yes, I am a Twitter addict...I enjoy saying random things, pondering random ideas and enjoying the randomness of others. But it stops there. We are indeed living in the Matrix...a digital world where privacy is becoming extinct. I have done a pretty good job of controlling my web presence...managing what comes up when you "google me"...I do my best to protect my relationships with others, keep my business OFFLINE...never say too much. I like to leave things to the imagination....make people wonder about me. Some people voluntarily forfeit their privacy to get attention, but it always seems to backfire. My opinion of some people have totally changed after meeting their 'online character'....after the mystery is gone and they are totally accessible they no longer seem so special. Although we have a full range of technology to use and abuse at our fingertips try to exercise some restraint before you go and give up all of your goods online...S.T.F.U. sometimes..see how far that gets you.

Besides....everything you post online is public information and remains in cyberspace forever...don't believe me? Go to and see....



Blogger MadameD1 said...

My sentiments exactly. I'm having the hardest time "dating" because no one is willing to invest the necessary time & energy to get to know me... not what I do, where I live, how much money I make... but ME! Thanks for shedding a light on this unfortunate turn of events.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats funny, today my friend posted a rather similar question on his facebook page asking the same thing. Why Do People Feel The Need To Share So Much On Facebook & Other Social Media Websites....

Im just gonna paste here what i posted there:

"....its a good question to which you've posed....its a million dollar its a billion dollar question to be!

I do know that something inate is happening to us, something we've all discovered about ourselves since the internet era exploded wide open....something that many of us didnt realize existed with in us....the need to share so much.

we feel so disconnected from the world with all these devices, thsi si the only way to connect back with the world...sort of speak....if we didnt have these kinds of outlets, imagine the mindset we'd be at with all these electronic devices running our world.....we'd evolve into a "stupid" bot like humanity.....were half way there now....but its the connection within vehicles like this that we have to hold on too - what you are witnessing is humanities last attempt at the human experience before robotic mindset fully sets into motion....enjoy the evolution at its best part,,,the beginning because once we enter full speed ahead into this new era of evolution....we'll be screaming for any kind of human self expression whenever where ever we can get it - only none of us will hear one another because everyone will be deaf from all these dam mp3 players >0)


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