Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Someone called ME a hoe...can you believe it?! ME. "Why?" you ask??? I'll tell you why...because I was "dealing" with someone under the age of 20. So I guess I am a 'hoe' because I've realized him and his '30's' generation aren't as youthful, have less baggage, are much more attentive and just so HAPPEN to be in their sexual prime (like me). I'd call myself a genius before I call myself a 'hoe' but hey...that's life...people will say what they will. Which brings me to another subject = COUGARS. Who in the hell invented that term? I don't know who said it first in that context but it has spread like wildfire and it's hilarious to me! A fucking riot! I was watching television the other night and I came across a commercial for "CourgarLife.com" -- its where 'Cougars' go to meet 'Cubs'...

From age 30-40, women are at peak of their sexuality...men seem to always be at their 'peak' but it is between 18-22 that they LEARN about how to please a woman. Society has recognized how these two groups gravitate towards one another so they added an official term to the 'behavior' and now are trying to capitalize off it with this website.

According to 'CougarLife.com' Cougars are: Women in their PRIME: independent, sexy and wildly successful. They enjoy men that are youthful, fit with the same zest for life. Cougars are classy, confident women that already possess many of the finer things in life — but now want the young, hot guy to go with it."

And get this...a "Cub" is the term for the younger men that entertain "Cougars", they are addressed as follows "To snare a true Cougar a man needs to be youthful, fit, unintimidated and of course sexually driven! These men can range from athletes to intellectuals, and from technologists to entrepreneurs and all points in between; they can come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing they have in common is the desire to possess a sexually charged older woman."

They chose the right KEYWORDS: "Possess; Sexually Charged; Older Woman"

What man doesn't want to possess anything considered to be "sexually charged"?!? Men spend their entire lives hunting for a 'charge'...it doesn't have to be a woman..but that sure helps!

Cougarlife.com is FULL of women who created a profile to pull younger men, Demi Moore, Eva Longoria and Mariah Carey are ALL between 7 -15 years OLDER their than husbands. BUT I AM A HOE...Ummmm. Yea. OK.

But honestly, its not JUST the sex, and youthful appearance that makes younger men appealing to 'Cougars'. They are more attentive -- they work harder because they are essentially trying to entertain a woman that is ""out of their league"; They have less baggage -- they don't typically have a "baby mama", bad credit, and aren't carrying around bitterness that was left by other women; They are enthusiastic and optimistic, they feel like they have their whole lives ahead of them...they aren't beat down by working a job they hate and they don't have the 'beer belly' accessory most older men tote.

My 'cub' made me feel like I was queen of the world when I needed it most. When I was going through challenges in my life and I just wanted someone to ask how my day was. He sent me 'good morning' texts every morning and made 'good night' calls every night. He definitely made ALL of my peers look pathetic. So if that makes me a hoe...SO BE IT and if you want to give me a label then call me a THUNDERCAT and I'll yell 'HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'

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Blogger Ms.Choice said...

LOL....I love it....Maybe I need to find me a cub

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg!! I saw that commercial and about DIED!

The production on it almost made me vomit....which would have made me choke cause i was laughing hysterically. What has this world come too - lol!! '0)

Well normally i date men 20 years my senior for several reasons....but i met a Leo guy who was younger than i and his passion for me was quite ....quite...amazing to say the least....I enjoyed the hell out of that brisk walk in the park and YES! he revitalized the hell out of me...I was down in the dumps (had just been dumped for the first time, didnt take it too well) But the younger guy restored everything i needed - I most def got my groove back and he got his walking papers soon after that - lol!!

yeah, i saw the ending of Stella's Groove - no thanks - NEEEEXT!!!


1:35 AM  

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