Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The MONEY, the HOUSE, and the KEYS to the RANGE

As the silver Range Rover made its way down I-95 we were silent. The tension in the car gave new meaning to the phrase ‘air so thick you could cut it with a knife’...we would need a chainsaw for this. The rain pounded against the windshield and the wipers moved fast and hard as the airport got closer by the second. He stared blankly at the road ahead of him paying no attention to me in the passenger seat. It was setting in that he was really sending me home and tears began to stream down my face....I sniffed loud enough for him to hear in hopes that he would notice my tears and feel a little sympathy. He wasn’t moved...he clicked the CD changer on and blasted a song by R&B group Jagged Edge...”you changed, you aren’t the girl that used to do things, the way I like it it’s a damn shame...you were on your way to the money, the house, the keys to the Range.....” ROVER that is...like the one I was riding in. The ride from Boca Raton to West Palm Beach airport seemed to take forever....when we pulled up to the airport he got out of the car, sat my bags on the curb and pulled off. I had just tbeen dumped.


He greeted me at the airport with hugs and kisses, it had been a few weeks since we spent time together and we were both looking forward to this weekend. He complimented me on what I was wearing...a coral colored ruffled blouse with snug jeans that fit in all the right places. Nails and toes French manicured, hair flowing, smelling good, all for him. We smiled and held hands on the drive to the condo to get changed for dinner. He invited one of his best friends (“Ben”) to join us and we rode together. As we arrived in the valet of Ruth Chris Steakhouse his phone rang and he quickly answered...it was obviously another woman on the line (you can always tell by the tone of voice). ‘SHE’ obviously asked him what he was doing and he replied “Ben and I are pulling up to dinner....” I didn’t hear anything else after that. ALL I heard is that he completely omitted me from the dinner party. I instantly got a warm feeling all over, my stomach was in a knot and my throat was dry. I turned to look at him as he continued to chat and I said in a matter-of-fact tone loud enough for HER to hear...”you don’t see me sitting here?” He turned to me in shock. He was pissed. I didn’t care. How could he have the nerve to not only talk to another woman in my presence and explain his whereabouts to her...but he LEFT ME OUT as if I wasn’t there. NO SIR! He ended his conversation turned to me and coolly remarked “I can’t believe you did that” and got out of the car. He didn’t bother to explain or apologize. He thought I was wrong.

I sat through dinner as he and “Ben” talked and laughed. He never addressed me. He didn’t look in my direction once. He didn’t speak to me on the ride home, didn’t utter a word when it was time for bed, slept as far away as possible from me in bed that night, and got up and carried on with his day in the morning as if I wasn’t there. At least 8 hours passed without a word from him. Finally, at 11 a.m. I got a dry “are you hungry” and a sharp “I’m taking you to the airport”. I was scheduled to stay for a few more days...but I didn’t protest. I packed my bags and sat them by the door. When it was time to go he walked past my bags...not even attempting to carry them to the car. I grabbed by bags, loaded them into the truck and I slid into the passenger side. No turning back.

When my plane landed home in Atlanta I thought I would have a voicemail from him apologizing...telling me he made a mistake. Nothing. After a week and I didn’t hear from him I decided to send him a message. Back then we had ‘2-way pagers’ so I sent him a ‘page’ that read “Are you going to be mad at me forever? We can’t just stop speaking when we have a disagreement.” That was my attempt to reconcile. I was giving him a chance to apologize and try to get me back. Before I could dive too deep into my fantasy of how he would make it up to me he quickly responded “I’m not mad...it’s a wrap.” And like that, it was over. He was sending me a message with the song he played in the car during our long ride to the airport: I could have had it all...the money, the house, the keys to the Range, the WIFE STATUS as long as I stayed in my place (which sometimes meant dealing with disrespect and mistreatment). And from that moment on I was determined to get my own money, house, and as for the Range......I never liked it anyway!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - The ultra nerve of him. I wonder what looser(s) had this man up on his ultimate high horse to where he lost all respect for the female in general....this is the kind of man that makes me visciously vengeful ;/

I know you/we women take risk and step out on the limb for love (i mean thats what were always being told to do) and something so dam typical as this goes and happens and scares us all back into our shells. My shell is comfy and theres only room for one...ME!(me and chocolate cashew Turtles of course) '0)

Im sorry you had to go through that dawn, but its experiences like this that make us for the better....it was HIS lost and if he couldnt handle you "needing" your well deserved respect, than so be it!

Better now than later ~
Loven the blog mama! =)


12:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This almost sounds like my story.... I went to LA to see the Man however I didn't get the hug that said hey baby welcome. I got the awkward i am 2 hrs late picking you from the airport.
After we had checked into a hotel, I was informed another of his boys had just come in from NY and that he was going to hang out with the homies I was welcome to come chill but I assumed it would be us time... WRONG.... needless to say he returns Twisted... that morning I wake up to move his truck which was badly parked. The story gets worse... needless to say a man will only do what you let him and as a woman i belive its our right to be treated like a queen and not a jumpoff...which unfortuantely in long distance relationships tend to become open...

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay Dawn, this is the first blog Ikve read and I loved this. Honey, you have something here... Drama and more drama... Fact or fiction, love it!!!

6:31 PM  

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