Tuesday, December 21, 2010


He didn’t answer the door so she kicked his mutherfucking window in...with heels on, like Bruce mutherfucking Lee. She swift kicked it for a clean break. She didn’t even feel the glass cut her leg, or even notice the blood dripping down. She wasn’t even cold in a skirt, bare legged in 40 degree weather. She didn’t even care that it was 5 a.m. and her judgment was poor after consuming four glasses of Moscato and a few Patron shots. All that mattered to her was that HE was in there and HE was not answering and SHE WILL NOT BE IGNORED.

The BCBG heel shattered the glass and it flew inside the window on top of the bed where her boyfriend of 13 months was sleeping with another woman. “BITCH GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE” she screamed through the broken glass. “Nigga I know you heard me knocking..” As the woman screamed and reached for her clothes he yelled back “Are you crazy?! I'm calling the police!” He grabbed his phone to dial and she hollered “CALL THE MUTHAFUCKIN POLICE NIGGA BECAUSE THERE’S ABOUT TO BE A 1-8-7 UP IN HERE!”

It’s Sunday morning in March. The attractive blonde woman to my left got caught shoplifting at Walmart and is rambling about how she is going to post bond. The sobbing college student to my right partied too hard and got a DUI and she doesn’t want to call her parents. The woman across the room looks homeless...and she smells...and then there’s me...sitting here with blood crusted on my leg and ankle, a broken heel and one phone call....

There’s always that one person in our lives that will push us to our limits emotionally, mentally, and morally. A toxic blend of love, lust and hate combined to form a relationship that is meant to be destroyed. A person that takes you to the darkest place of your being, where you can’t even recognize yourself. We have all been there, but not all of us get to experience the rush of kicking out a house window. Was it worth the embarrassment of calling my friends to bail me out of jail or the one year probation the judge so "kindly" handed me over a prison stay? Maybe not. But it WAS worth the priceless look on his face when the glass fell on top of him, the only thing I regret is not wearing pants.


Blogger Tiffany said...

Yes, there is definitely one person out there that will push us to our limits and make us want to bust any window in sight.

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