Sunday, December 26, 2010


His wife is professional woman, a ‘good girl’. She was raised by a strong Christian woman to have all of the values and morals of a ‘good wife’....she cooks, cleans, she’s stunningly beautiful and she stays in shape, even after two children. He loves her and he is happy with her...but sometimes he needs more.

His heart beats faster as he turns the corner from Main Street onto Bulen Avenue. He checks his rear view and his side mirrors to be aware of his surroundings, its 7 p.m. and the sun is starting to set...he knows not to be in this neighborhood after dark. His speed reduces to a slow creep as he slowly stops a few yards from where she is standing. She walks towards him he admires the way her body moves...smooth, catlike. He notices the way her calves flex with each step in the black patent leather stilettos. The cut off jean mini skirt shows her toned thighs, her belly buttons peaks from under her white tank top, he can feel the blood flowing and he begins to rise.

She approaches the white BMW 745i and leans into the passenger side window, her breasts spilling from the top of her leopard print bra, her jet black curls frame her face and hang past shoulders. She parts her blood red lips “Hey Daddy, you looking for a good time?” He reaches over and opens the passenger side door and asks “What’s your name?” She climbed into the passenger seat. The tan leather seat clings to her thighs causing her dress to ride up...he turns and immediately notices that she isn’t wearing any panties..."Jada” she says with a smile.

She closes the door shut and he puts the car in drive...turning back onto the main road. Without a word she leans over the armrest, loosens his belt, unzips the Ralph Lauren Gabardine pants his wife had laid out for him that morning, and went to work. He continues to drive and struggles to maintain his composure as he pulls into the grocery store parking lot. He puts the car in park, leans back and closes his eyes. He could do nothing but grab her head as not to yell out in pleasure. She climbs into the driver’s seat and straddles him as she pushes the power seat button to recline...she is taking control of him. She is wild, she is uninhibited, and she doesn’t give a fuck who can see her. HE LOVES IT...but this is something his wife would never do.

After he is satisfied she climbs back to the passenger side, he quickly fixes his clothes and zips his pants. He readjusts his seat and turns the key in the ignition. He feels great, after a long day that is exactly what he needed, he leans in towards her kissing her affectionately on the lips to express his appreciation. He clicks on the radio and heads home in time for dinner. In his peripheral he watches his wife in passenger seat removing her wig, ruffling her short pixie and wiping the bright red lipstick from her lips....she gazes back at him and smiles. Jada was gone...but would return again soon....

Adopting an alter ego personality can allow a woman to let go of her inhibitions and insecurities. She can be the woman she’s always wondered about, do things she has always thought about but did not act on those thoughts in fear of being “inappropriate”. Men want a virgin and a whore. Role play is a healthy and fun way to spice up a relationship and allow your man to ‘be with another woman’ while still being with you. You can dress up and show out and then go back to your normal self when you are ready.

My name is LOLA...who are YOU going to be tonight?

Dawn from Dirty Money with her then boyfriend "Q" of Day 26 in their alter ego shoot


Anonymous Madamed1 said...

Well, well, well, you've done it again. From the beginning to the end you had me on the edge of my seat, fully engaged, eagerly awaiting to read the next sentence. Well written my friend, well written! Keep up the good work.

6:21 PM  

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