Sunday, December 26, 2010

In the modern age of dating people often “Google” someone to see what the internet has to say about them. Years ago I was talking to a man long distance for a few months and I was starting to consider being more serious with him and possibly taking things to the next level. He was an athlete but kept a pretty low public I thought. One day I was online bored and decided to ‘Google’ him just to see what pops up. The first page of results just showed information about his college and professional big deal...but it was the second page that told the story. Unbeknownst to me there are several online forums where ‘groupies’ and bitter ex girlfriends go to vent about athletes and celebrities. His name appeared on a thread in a forum of one of those websites. Before I clicked the link I asked myself if I really wanted to know what they had to say about him. Maybe I should find out the kind of man he is myself and not concern myself with his ‘reputation’. Curiosity killed me.

With one click of my mouse there was no turning back....on the forum I read story after story about how ‘well endowed’ he was and his wonderful performance in the bedroom. NOT ONE woman complained. I wasn’t sure if I should be happy that he is not a ‘little man’ or disappointed because he appeared to be a ‘man whore.’ From the women of his past, and present I learned that he was a ‘ladies man’...he had a big penis that women loved and he knew it. His charm, good looks and millions were just added value. I decided not to move forward with my pending persuit of him...I just couldn’t take KNOWING I was a notch on his belt and I could not be confident with him in public knowing his reputation. He never knew why I pulled back and I wasn’t woman enough to admit that I had ‘Google’d” him and had been totally turned off by what I found.

In another instance I met a guy and went to “Google” him and found nothing. No Facebook, no Linked In, no social network presence and no mention of him online anywhere. It was as if he did not exist. I was not sure how to feel about that. Does that mean that he isn’t doing anything that is worthy of mention or maybe he is very private and keeps his life offline somehow. I should have been happy that his name and penis size wasn’t all over the internet, but then I doubted his credibility because he was such a mystery.

Before the internet we did not have the option of taking an uninvited glimpse into people’s lives...we only knew about them what they decided to share with us. The rest was to be found out when the time was right, and in some cases never at all. I understand “Googling” someone to confirm they aren’t a sex offender or a murder but are we going too far by entering into their previous dating experiences? How much information is simply ‘too much’? I do not make it a practice of using “Google” to get information about someone when I meet them. Despite all of the accessible tools of investigation I try to keep my relationships with people organic and let them grow without the influence of Google and social networks. In a time when everything is so accessible I do appreciate leaving things to the imagination and taking my time....but sometimes I still wonder what Google would have to say...


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